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Enjoy Rich Flavors
with Zero Guilt



Logo Design

Package Design

Welcome to the world of "Kreami" - a delightful and guilt-free ice cream experience!


The package design aims to reflect the brand's fun, colourful, and health-conscious identity.


Logo: The "Kreami" logo design draws inspiration from retro typography while incorporating elements that evoke the wavy, smooth, and creamy texture of ice cream. The overall look and feel of the logo evoke a sense of nostalgia, happiness, and indulgence. It appeals to both young and old audiences, capturing the essence of enjoying ice cream while bringing back memories of vintage ice cream parlours.

Colour Palette: The package design features a vibrant and inviting colour palette with soft pastel hues and lively shades. Each flavour has its own unique colour scheme to aid in easy identification.


Illustration: The package design embraces clean shape illustrations that bring out the essence of each flavour in a visually captivating manner. With a touch of playful smiling character to enhance the visual appeal of the brand’s fun identity.

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